The RAAF Roll of Honour for Victoria remembers those who enlisted in Victoria during World War II and did not return.

The Roll will be colour coded to illustrate the distribution of RAAF Aircrew Members by attachment to other Air Forces’ units as the result of Article XIV of the Empire Air Training Scheme. The names of RAAF Members who died while serving in RAAF units are shown in BLUE, in RED for those attached to RAF units and in GREEN for those attached to RCAF, RNZAF, SAAF or IAF units under the Article.

The names are shown in alphabetical order. They have been divided into sections for ease of viewing on your device.

A total of 56,747 men and 6,907 women enlisted in Victoria and 2,793 became casualties according to a 1948 report. There are 2,834 names shown on this Roll, as some RAAF members from southern New South Wales travelled to Melbourne to enlist and are shown on the this Roll.

The Members on this Roll served in the RAF unless otherwise shown.

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