Celebrating the Arrival of the Tornado GR4 at the Aviation Heritage Museum

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We are very excited to announce that the Tornado GR4 has officially arrived at its new home, the Aviation Heritage Museum in Bull Creek!

On Thursday 19 May the Tornado’s fuselage, wings and fuel tanks were transported to the Museum, a momentous day indeed!  The transport of these components relied upon two semi-trailers, a 100-tonne crane and forklift.

On Monday 23 May, the final items of the Tornado were transferred from RAAF Base Pearce to the Museum in Bull Creek, including the fin (tail) and engine. A semi-trailer and forklift were again involved in this operation.   

These very special items are currently being stored at the Museum, awaiting the arrival of the specialist RAF JARTS (Joint Aircraft Recovery and Transportation Squadron) team to construct the Tornado, ahead of its grand unveiling.

A seven member JARTS Team from the UK will be responsible for the construction of the Tornado from 13 to 21 June.

The Tornado will official be open for display on 26 June, with a number of special events planned to celebrate its arrival. It will be the only Tornado GR4 in Australia so will be an exhibit not to be missed.

Remain up to date with the Tornado’s build and unveiling, including opportunities to be involved, via the Aviation Heritage Museum’s Facebook page.

Learn more about the Tornado GR4 on the webpage here.

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